Advanced offroad course for dual sport bikes

course-advancedABOUT THE COURSE

The Advanced off-road riding course is just that – advanced!

It is compulsory that participants successfully complete the “Weekend Off-Road Course” (mentioned above) first and are absolutely sure that they have mastered all techniques and skills taught there, before attempting the Advanced Course.

This is a very challenging course, which teaches the salient points of the craft and will delight experienced off-roaders.

As part of the course there will be a night ride on the Thursday evening, so make sure you get there early !

With the format of the new advanced, you will be scored on the following points,
as this will determine if you have completed the course successfully or not.
1. The riders level of skills.
2. The overall fitness of the rider.
3. The safety awareness of the rider.
4. Environmental awareness of the rider.
5. Overall “sharpness” of the rider.
6. The riders level of “Kamaraderie”.
7. The riders ability to ensure he does not damage the motorcycle.

Note: This course is currently being offered only in our South Africa Facilities


We require you to have completed the Weekend offroad course, and recommend you have done the Dirtbike Fundamentals course (if you have a dirt bike)


3 days


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