Dirtbike fundamentals for dirt bikes

course-dirtbikeABOUT THE COURSE

This course has been designed for dirt-bike riders (typically between 125cc and 550cc), that aims at improving their off-road / enduro riding skills. The course will satisfy needs of the beginner, to intermediate rider, and will cover all aspects of riding a dirtbike, right up to advanced techniques to cross difficult terrain and obstacles.
If you plan to racing regional enduro / off-road races, this course is ideal !

Note: This course is currently being offered only in our South Africa venues.

What you will learn on the course:

* 5 controls of a dirtbike
* Riding position & riding style
* Balancing & slow riding
* High speed cornering on flat ground
* Highspeed cornering in ruts and sand
* Jumping a dirtbike
* Crossing over large logs and holes
* River crossings
* Emergency stops
* Wheelies and stoppies (or nose wheelies)
* Steep uphils and downhills
* How to ride rocks
* How to ride ‘whoops’
* Sand riding


We highly recommend that you have completed the Weekend offroad course


3 days


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