Intermidiate course for dual sport and dirt bikes

course-weekendABOUT THE COURSE

For Dual purpose bike training or Adventure bike training. This course is specifically designed to ease you into off-road riding. The course starts on Friday morning and ends with Sunday lunch. A comprehensive course, it covers all aspects of off-road riding and provides a steady learning curve.

The course is great for anyone lacking a bit of confidence, but it’s especially great to get rid of bad habits that may have accumulated over years of self-taught riding! After completing this course successfully, you will be able to enjoy the wonders of dual-sport riding anytime, anywhere!

While the course is structured in such a way to accommodate riders of all skill-levels, it requires that anyone attending it, already have experience with riding a motorcycle and are confident when riding on tar.

Things you will learn on the course:

  • Important theory on off-road riding and motorcycling in general.
  • In-depth discussions on protective clothing, tyre pressure, trouble shooting etc.
  • General bike maintenance.
  • Balance exercises.
  • Overcoming obstacles such as thick sand, water, logs & holes in the road, uphills & downhills etc.
  • Emergency braking.
  • Outride,
  • and LOTS more!


We highly recommend that you have completed the Introduction to offroad riding course, but it is not required.


3 days


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