Introduction to offroad motorcycling for dual sport and dirt bikes

course-introABOUT THE COURSE

This course is aimed at those riders who are proficient on the road, but new to off-road motorcycling and wish to improve their confidence and skill. As such, it is also the perfect stepping stone for those who intended to eventually complete further off-road rider training. Riders must provide their own dual-purpose motorcycles.

Things you will learn on this course:

  • Basic theory
  • Balancing the bike
  • Throttle and clutch control
  • The correct body position on the bike
  • Basic off-road riding skills
  • Emergency braking techniques, etc.
  • and you will do plenty of riding during the day!


Candidates are required to be competent motorcycle riders on the road, and be aquinted with the basics of their bike to gain maximum benefit from the course. Please note that this is not a beginner motorcycle course, therefore we require that you have already mastered control of the bike in normal road riding conditions before you arrive.


1 day


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